Unite body, soul and mind

Yoga means to unite. Through daily practice of yoga, you will respond to your true nature and unite body, soul and mind.

Originating in ancient India, yoga is a physical and most importantly a meditative spiritual practice. Essentially yoga helps to slow down the mind and promotes inner stillnes to help us connect to our inner selves. Yoga calles out the illusions of the mind and erroneous conditioning patterns and guides us to lift the veil of delusion to see the truth of what we truly are. That is love, joy, peace within.

Benefits of a daily yoga practice:

  • More patient with ourselfs and others
  • More mindful and loving to ourselfs and others
  • Connecting to our hearts
  • Peace of mind
  • Balance and harmony in the body, soul and mind

I am open for collaborations or bookings for yoga at your workplace or event.

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I hold classes at MOON yoga- & healingstudio in Norrtälje.

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Pernilla is a certified yoga teacher.

  • 200 h Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga teacher training with L. Farrah Furtado at Bend it like Buddha yoga studio, Portugal in 2021.
  • Kids yoga teacher course with Cecilia Hedström at Yogabolaget, Sweden in 2015.
  • 50 h Yin Yoga teacher training with Sofie Ringsten at Yogayama in 2023.

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