29-30 April 2023

Welcome to this tranformational KAP Weekend Immersion in Sintra, Portugal!
Co-created with two KAP-facilitators from Europe, Alina Cristina and Pernilla.

This KAP weekend retreat will happen in the magical place of Floresta Encantada in Sintra, Portugal, 35 mins from Lisbon city center and in one of the most ancient forests of Europe. The yoga center receiving us is situated in the middle of the forest, with stunning views and nurturing facilities, maintaining the high energy container we are in.

A 2-days KAP weekend immersion (4 classes) is a profoundly evolutionary life experience, where you get to experience all aspects of yourself, igniting your Soul’s wisdom, truth and beautiful essence, in connection with your entire inner and outer cosmos.

Day 1 (saturday) : 12 am - 19 pm: 2 KAP classes + Cacao Ceremony (sacred Mayan ceremonial cacao from Mexico, heart opener)

Day 2 (sunday) : 10 am - 4 pm 2 KAP Classes

Investment: 550 EUR, Optional to pay in two or three installments.

Spots are limited.


I highly recommend this transformative journey.

I left the immersion weekend feeling expansive and filled with love, peace and with huge internal shifts.

The beautiful facilities in combination of the energy of the forest and the presence of Pernilla and Alina made the space magical for KAP transformation.

The atmosphere felt calm and safe and the deeper the KAP energy went the more cracked open and connected the participants got, leaving feeling a deep connection to oneself and all. Alina and Pernilla held the space for the participants to safetly share experience and for the energy to flow.

Participated july 2022

There’s really no known words to describe the loving beautiful experience that was the KAP weekend retreat in Sintra this summer.

Pernilla and Alina were truly angels that held us throughout this inner journey of knowing, listening, self love, unconditional love, divine essence and pure gratitude and joy. We all evolved so much as souls, energy and consequently humans beings due to this loving and caring retreat.

I hope anyone or every person on this Planet Earth could experience the same as I did that weekend!

So there’s nothing less than love and gratitude in my heart to have been able to take part in this and I can’t wait to be back!

With all my love and joy,

Participated july 2022

I had a wild, raw and deep experience at the KAP retreat in Sintra with Alina Cristina and Pernilla.

Firstly, the environment was so beautiful, we were surrounded by trees and the magical Sintra mountains, and I felt very connected with nature.
Further, Pernilla and Alina Cristina were wonderful hostesses, made me feel very comfortable, and they held a warm and safe space for complete surrender. That helped me just relax and let what needed to happen happen. They also set up the sessions very nicely, where we had good breaks, and we could go deeper for every session. It was lovely getting to know the group over the weekend, and to share our experiences.

Truly a life changing experience that I recommend.


Participated july 2022


How to get there? If you fly to Portugal you fly to Lisbon, Portela Airport, You can go to Sintra with the train from Lisbon, or take Bolt/Uber (about 15 EUR from Lisbon). The retreat space Floresta Encantada is located nearby the center of Sintra, about 5 min walk from the train station.


Floresta Encantada is "a place to transform" and the lovely couple that runs the space describe it as a "Holistic Retreat & Event Space in Nature that cultivates transformation through Yoga, Workshops, Trainings, and Ceremonies". The shala has nature all around and it's garden is lush and green. It is the most beautiful and welcoming space to be for a retreat like this. 

Read more on their website: www.florestaencantadasintra.com


Sintra is a sacred place located just outside of Lisbon. It has been an ancient place of mysticism and pilgrimage for thousands of years dating back to the Celtid times. It was known to the ancient world as Lunae Mons (Mountain of the Moon). Sintra's cultural landscape, classified by UNESCO as world heritage definetly gives this cute little town that special, sacred feeling that you look for in a retreat place.

There are many wonderful things to do in and around Sintra. So if you travel there for the retreat make sure that you have a day before or after to explore this mystical town and its forests and castles.


There is a charming casita with room for 4 guests (2 bedrooms, one with two single beds and one with a double bed) at the retreat center Floresta Encantada. So first to book will have the opportunity to stay in the retreat center. Check with us to see if it is still avalible.

We also offer a list of budget friendly suggestions for places to stay in Sintra. You can also stay in Lisbon, if you prefer. Or stay in popular surf-places like Ericeira, which is also close by.

"The beautiful facilities in combination of the energy of the forest and the presence of Pernilla and Alina made the space magical for KAP transformation."

- Ida


This retreat is co-hosted by Pernilla and Alina Cristina.


Pernilla is a certified KAP-facilitator trained by the founder Venant Wong, she transmits raw kundalini life force.

She is passionate about creating and holding a safe space for others to experience our most natural state of being, where we find so much peace and love. She is a yoga teacher, dedicated meditator and loves to dive deep in to consciousness. Pernilla is a mother of three and lives with her family in Sweden. She has a love for Portugal and spends several weeks here every year.

”For me KAP has been a life changing journey of surrendering, letting the divine energy flow in my body, expanding, opening up, going deeper within and connecting with source."


Alina Cristina Buteica has trained and certified with energy transmission master and founder of KAP, Venant Wong. 

Alina is a KAP Facilitator, Quantum Evolution coach & mentor, Akashic Records Reader, feminine wisdom author, who after over 10 years in the corporate world, half of which in Africa (where she launched one of Africa’s largest leadership trainings academies for the first 1billion-dollars company on the continent), started travelling the world and re-ignited her childhood gifts and passions.

She re-connected with and activated her inner Goddess, her radiancy, vibrancy and infinite love. KAP has been a large part of that build up of inner trust and the activation of my natural capacities.


KAP is a method of connection to Oneness and transmission of raw kundalini (life force energy), that activates in a safe and easy way your own body's natural ability to tap into healing, alignment with your Soul's callings, gifts and passions.


A KAP-weekend immpersion is the number one most profound experience we recommend to anyone looking to make deep, sustainable shift in their life and connecting to your inner natural state of being and releasing anything that is no longer needed and holds you back.  While it is a path of surrender and humbleness, KAP is truly the path of inner mastery. Everyone’s experience of KAP is different yet the number one thing that is common to all has to do with profound, positive shifts and a more luminous, light-hearted and expanded way of interacting with life and consciousness.


Come and experience KAP in Sintra, Portugal, it will be absolutely beautiful!

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