Everything is energy and when your energy in your body is flowing free you feel balanced and in harmony. You get in touch with your true Self and can live a life that feels truly aligned. I'm working in different ways to activate your own life force and to clear energy blockages / stagnant energy from the body. The process usually involves emotional releases, chakra and kundalini activations with movement and inner journeys.

As a facilitator of LFA Life force Activation I offer group sessions in Stockholm, Åkersberga, Norrtälje and Online.

I'm also offering 1-1 sessions in Energy / Kundalini transmissions and Chakra activations in Norrtälje and Online.

Emotions are not meant to be supressed, avoided or bypassed.
Everything is energy and the energy of emotions must go somewhere.
Don't keep them trapped in your body.

Find healthy & safe ways to feel into them and release them.
You deserve to feel free within yourself!


Life force activation is crafted for individuals ready to delve into a profound connection with themselves and their authentic essence.

Throughout this journey, we will harness the power of our creative life force energy, also known as kundalini, alongside exploring non-dual states of consciousness. Through relaxation and embracing receptivity, your innate life force will flow within, dissolving any barriers hindering your elevation to a heightened state of awareness.

This experience embodies a profound encounter with your true essence, offering a balance of grounding and expansion. As you surrender and release, the facilitator will gently guide the transmission of energy by intuitively connecting with various points on your body and harmonizing with your energy field.

In addition to our energetic exploration, we incorporate carefully selected music that serves as a supportive companion on your journey, enhancing the depth and resonance of your experience. Movement serves as a common theme, facilitating emotional release and offering a direct experience of higher states of consciousness.

This energy is inherently yours; the facilitator acts as a transmission vehicle, aiding in the reawakening of this potent energy within you.

spring 2024

Open class - Sundays at 11:00-13:00:
Sunday 28/1

Sunday 25/2

Sunday 24/3

Sunday 21/4

Sunday 19/5

Sunday 16/6

Essence of me / Butik Kalcit, Österskärs stationshus
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Open class - Sundays at 11:00-12:00

MOON yoga & healing, Sjötullsgatan 3
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Open class - Every other Saturday at 10:30-12:30

AYÄM Studio, Regeringsgatan 83
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Every wednesday at 12:00 - Go deeper
Every other wednesday at 19:00

Every friday at 12:00 - Go deeper
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For private sessions, contact me at

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“Pernilla has a warm, loving and soft feminine energy that makes is feel safe and easy to surrender and let whatever hapens inside come out just as it is.

I warmly recommend to go to Pernillas KAP-classes. You will be well taken care of even tough what you are going through might be challanging for you - or simply amazing! Everything is ok.”

Jenny Maria Eliza


"I received an online KAP-session from Pernilla. It was just as strong an experience as the in-person session. I loved that I could do this from my home as I live far from Pernilla.

I really recommend this online experience especially för people outside of Stockholm.

I felt very energised and experienced a lot of release as well. The next few days were calm and aligned.

Highly recommended and I look forward to going to one of Pernillas retreats soon.

Thank you."

Niomi Stella Rose


“Wow what a KAP-session. Thank you Pernilla, you are magical.

I can reccomend going to KAP with Pernilla. She is so warm, safe and open."



"KAP is like nothing I have tried before. It is astonishing to me how in every class I get just what I need, whatever it is movement, emotion release or a state of calm and bliss. It teaches me how to surrender, both in class and in life as it is in between the classes where the true magic happens. KAP has made me more connected to myself, intuition and meaning of life.

Pernilla with her warm presence, care and space-holding makes me feel safe to surrender to the energy and flow. KAP feels so special and expansive yet so natural, like coming home."


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